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Bpal and other companies for sale. Includes quite a few rares. [12 Nov 2011|11:47pm]
As I recently experienced a skin chemistry change, I'm finding there's a lot of scents (both bpal and not) that don't work for me any longer. So while I loved all these scents, I thought that they might be better loved in a new home. I'm not really looking to swap (unless it's for a bottle of Blooddrop Perfumes Silver), so these mainly are just for sale.

I ship everywhere: shipping within the US is $2.50 for any number of imps/decants or $3 for first class shipping for bottles (this includes delivery confirmation). Insurance is your choice and is .80 extra (I highly recommend insurance with the issues the PO has been experiencing lately). Shipping for other items depends on the package's weight, so cost will vary (include your zip code if you PM me so I can get you a quote). Shipping to other countries depends on your location and what you're interested in, so make sure to include that info when PMing me.

I take all types of PayPal, including credit cards. Please PM me or comment if you'd like to purchase any of my items. I'm a little flexible on prices, especially if you're interested in multiple bottles. My feedback can be found on bpal.org under Delirium1009.

Free with any purchase of $15 or more:
None at the moment


5ml Bottles
Full to shoulder or higher unless otherwise noted.
Albedo v5 - $21
Blood Moon 2011 - $19
Brood XIX - $13
CD: Alley of Games v6 - $30
Champagne & Cigars (just below shoulder) - $25
Chaste moon 2005 (completely full cobalt bottle, label has small tear in it) - $43
Chimera - $17
Chimera v5 - $30
Dirty (cobalt bottle, completely full) - $15
El Dia de Reyes 2007 - $17
Evening Cicadas & Red Peppers - $17
The Ghosts of the Arroyo Seco Bridge - $10
Ginger Skulls - $19
Lilith's Tea Party (full to 2mm below top of label) - $18
Moon of the Terrible (full to top of label) - $13
Pickled Imp - $18
Pomegranate V - $16
Sangria Champagne - $30
Sky City (Before) - $45
Tombeur (1/2 full) - $9
When the Winter Chrysanthemums Go - $18
Winter-Time - $18

LE and unimpable Decants
Full to top of label or above. 3.25 each unless otherwise noted
Aatos Polemoio
Cohen v. California - $4.75
Donna Con Ventaglio - $4.75
Flora - $4.50
Hygeia - $4.75
Kaidan - $4.50
The Little Bird
Lola - $4.25
Mabon - $4
Mother Shub's Pfancy Pfefferneusse
Mother Shub's Toothsome Banketstaaf
Mr. Croup - $4.50
Mr. Vandemar - $4.50
Pet Magah Bird
Prosperity of a Country - $3.75
Season of the Inundation
Sugar Moon - $3.75
Tin Phoenix - $3.75
Unveiled - $3.75
Vampire Tarot: The Lovers - $5.75
Veronica - $4.25
Virginia - $4.25
Yurei - $4.50

BPTP Tees:
All of these have been washed in Woolite Dark, and have been hung to dry so there should only be a little bit of shrinkage if any. In great condition with no holes.
Hay Moon standard crew neck size Small - $9

Atmosphere Sprays:
None at the moment

6ml bottles. All have bpal style black caps and no reducers. Full to the neck or higher.
$6 each (unless otherwise noted).
All Sinner's Day - $8
Bar Sinister
Betsy the Cat
Cerulean Blue
Diamond Dust
Hot Cross Buns
Hyde Park
The Purring Peacock
Reba OAR
Ribbands 2008
Sassy Candy Heart
Tidal Wave

Nocturne Alchemy:
Full to bottom of neck or higher unless otherwise noted. 5ml bottles.
$6 unless otherwise noted
Love of Bastet - $10

Villainess Perfumes:
$10 each and transferred from ampoule into 5ml bottle unless otherwise noted.
Birthrite (still in original ampoule)
Jack O (I forget the size of this one, but I barely tested it and it originally sold for $10. In original bottle with dropper)- $9
Paradise Misplaced
Raspberry Swirl
Slipdress (2ml) - $6
Torchsong (still in original ampoule)

$7 each. 5ml bottles.
Giant Oriental Urns
Harum Scarums
Last Gasp
Les Innocents
Miss Sadie Eugenia Sugarson's Twinkling, Twirly, Four Hundred Diamante Diamonoid Encrusted Tiara

Cobalt Blends:
$8 each. 5ml bottles.
Headless Gingerbread Man
Incense is Psychoactive
Pomme de Taint
Sugared Moon
Sugary Spin

CB I Hate Perfume imp-sized decants out of my own bottles:
Just Breathe - $6
Lemon Pie Accord - $2.75
Mr. Hulot's Holiday - $6
Smokey Tobacco Accord - $3
Sweet Smoke Accord - $2.75
White Ginger Flower Accord - $2.75
Winter 1972 - $6.50

Solstice Scents:
Lightly tested roll-ons.
Blackburn Farmstead - $12

Haus of Gloi:
5ml bottles. $12 unless otherwise noted.
Olde Cider Haus

5ml roll-ons. Lightly tested. $9 unless otherwise noted.
Persinnamon Girl

Conjure Oils:
5ml bottles. Full to bottom of neck & $15 unless otherwise noted.
Calavera de Azucar 2010
The Death of the Old Year
Miss Lucy's All Dolled Up

Misc Other Companies:
Lightly tested unless otherwise noted.
For Strange Woman Jaded (7.3ml bottle) - $20
Violette Market Lemon Creme Penny Candy - $11
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Friday Cuteness! [14 Aug 2009|09:55am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

I was looking at my super-cute collection of amigurumi today, and I realized I've never posted a picture of everyone!

So here is my little softie family....


I get to look upon those adorable beady-eyed faces every day while I work. Aren't they cute? Almost every one of those is from Etsy. I think the only exceptions is the little tan jelly bean shaped monster in the center (I got that one in the Sampler).

They look a little dusty though I just went over them with a duster. It's hard to dust soft things!

If you want to know any more info about any of my amigurumi, leave a comment and I'll post some more info :)

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Etsy Goodies! [13 Jul 2009|01:39pm]
I got some awesome goodies via Etsy lately and just had to share! First are some perfume samples from WigglePerfume. I love this seller's perfume creations and own a few bottles of various scents. This time, I tried some of her new stuff: Guajira, Soledad, and Annabelle.

Here's some reviews:

Description: Perhaps an odd choice for summer, I just had this oakmoss and wild rose blend stuck in my head for ages and had to get it out. Actually, now that I think about it, it's perfect for our Nothern summers, like hiking in the woods on a sunny, mild day. I've rounded it out with apple blossom and a hint of peony for an earthy floral effect that will make you feel like a leaf-clad wood nymph (though maybe with a bit less moss in your hair).
My review:  In the vial this smells of sweet apple blossom and roses with just a hint of oakmoss. On my skin, the apple blossom is still the heaviest note with the roses blending into it creating this baby-sweet floral perfume. The peony is very light in it, as well. I’m no longer getting any oakmoss however. After a while, this becomes a little less sweet. The peony comes forth and the apple blossom follows behind it. This becomes a fresh, sweetened floral blend (but not as sweet as before) with a light overtone of clean oakmoss. Very pretty, and very feminine.

Description: Finally! I've been trying to get these pictures taken for a couple weeks and things just kept getting in my way. Here it is, my San Diego blend. I've mixed plumeria, hibiscus, and pikaki with marine notes, earthy chaparal brush, eucalyptis, and a tiny drop of coconut. I think it's best described as a high-end daytime fragrance, or a casual evening one. Soledad is polished, fresh, and clean, yet still sunny.
My review:  In the vial this smells like a very aquatic floral with an undertone of herbs. On my skin, this smells like very aquatic, clean flowers… almost like the scent of a fabric softener or something. It’s very pretty and floral, but has a definite “clean laundry” type of feel to it. It’s a bit complex though, which is nice; the marine notes and exotic, thick florals make up the majority of the scent, but the eucalyptus kind of tickles the nose by flitting above, and the hint of coconut lingers in the background. After a while, the coconut comes out quite a bit more. It mixes with the marine notes and an overtone of lots of flowers to create this very interesting sun-drenched exotic locale type of vibe. A very pretty perfume, and I can imagine this is very wearable. Unfortunately, it’s not for me

Description: This scent may just sneak up on you. It's my little Cuban daydream; a counterintuitively intoxicating blend of coffee, brown sugar, and tropical blooms. I've added the tiniest hints of blood orange and tobacco which I think round this out into something darkly sweet and humid
My review: This smells like a mix of toffee, coffee, and flowers in the vial. Kind of like going to a Yankee Candle shop and leaning in to smell a brown sugar or toffee candle, but still being able to smell the more floral candles that happen to be next to it. On my skin, the flowers are more assertive, but the coffee and brown sugar come out from behind and make this VERY sweet. The notes in this aren’t blending well for me and seem to be clashing almost as I sniff. After a while, the floral notes fall back a bit, and this seems much better balanced. However, the notes still seem to clash and not really blend together. Also, this is still very sweet on my skin… too sweet for me.

Although I enjoyed testing all three scents, I don't think any of these are quite right for me as far as perfume goes.

Now onto some jewelry!! First, a picture...

The top one is a gorgeous pendant and cord set from JewelsVine. In particular, this pendant and this cord. The cord came with a tiny little skull charm (and I mean really tiny.. the skull is only about 5mm) and I got it with all sterling-silver accents.

The bottom one I JUST got in the mail today, which is pretty fast considering it came all the way from China and was shipped JUST last week! It's by 39 Metal Workshop who's selling as newandnotable on Etsy. It's this pendant (with chain included). My picture doesn't do it justice, really... it's incredibly detailed and a very solid piece of jewelry. It even has the underside with the legs all curled in! There's pics of that in the listing, so check it out.


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My Perfume Collection [19 Jun 2009|05:50pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

Recently I've been buying a lot of perfumes (mostly oils) and I keep forgetting just how much I have so I'm going to post my entire collection here. I'll try to come back and edit as I get new goodies, but I can't guarantee that I'll remember. These are all bottles and don't include sample vials (except in the case of the CBIHP travel sized bottles) and are all perfume oils unless otherwise stated.

Bathed & Infused (10ml):
Bubble Tea

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab (5ml):
Autumn & Winter (x3)
Black Opal
Brood XIX
CD: Alley of Games v6
Chaste Moon 2005 (x2)
Chimera v5
Dark Delicacies
Dorian (x4; 3 5ml, 1 10ml)
El Dia de Reyes
Embalming Fluid
Encroaching Madness
Evening Cicadas & Red Peppers (x3)
Gossamer v3
Green Tree Viper (x2)
Gypsy Moth (x2)
Halloween: Los Angeles
Hermia (x2)
Joyful Moon (x3)
June Gloom 2009
Lilith Victoria
Loli.Goth (x3)
Luna Negra
Mlle Lilith (x3)
Moon of the Terrible
Red Lace
Red Rose
Samhain 2010
Seance 10ml
Selkie (x2)
Snake Charmer (x2)
Snake Charmer Resurrected
Snake Oil
Sparkling Apple Cider (x3)
Strawberry Moon 2009
Tarot: The World 10ml
Voyeurs Among the Cherry Blossoms (x3)
White Rose

Blooddrop (5ml):
Contempt 2009

Carnival Wax (10ml):

CB I Hate Perfume (15ml and 2ml travel sizes):
Cedarwood Tea 2ml
Just Breathe 15ml
Lemon Pie Accord 15ml
Mr. Hulot’s Holiday 15ml & 2ml
Smokey Tobacco Accord 15ml
Sweet Smoke Accord 15ml
Tea/Rose 2ml
White Ginger Flower Accord 15ml
Winter 1972 15ml & 2ml

Cobalt Blends (6ml):
Devil's Night
Green Eyed (x2)
Smoking Entity (renamed Cognac Embers)

Cocoa Pink (30ml Perfume Spray):
Black Pumpkin

Cult Couture:
Botrytis dupe

Ella Dean (2/3oz):
Pistachio's Pistachio Pudding

Etat Libre D'Orange:
Archives 69
Delicious Closet Queen
Jasmin Et Cigarettes

For Strange Women (7ml):

Sugar Lychee 3.4oz Eau de Parfum
Violet Moss Eau de Parfum (small bottle)

Ginger (liq. and solid)

Magic Mirror (unsure of the size):
Libra (x2)

Nocturne Alchemy (5ml):
Eternal Egypt
Love of Bastet

Possets (5ml):
Bona Fortuna
Candy Thong
Cerulean Blue
The Ghost of Christmas Future
High Tea
Hot Cross Buns
Issota & Sigismundo
Madame X
Mocking Birds Trilling Their Mating Songs
Sassy Candy Heart
Terra Incognita
Venus Black
Vernal Sun (x2)

Scent by the Sea (1/8oz):
Green Tea

Scented Art by Nursekins (unsure of the size… small bottles)
Freddy's Entry
Frosty Cake Mountain
Relaxation Poof
Robin's Blue Egg
Simon Piers

Super Bad (10ml):
French Model Breakfast
Tea & Intrigue

Tokyomilk (1oz Perfume Sprays):
Dead Sexy
Let Them Eat Cake

Twilight Alchemy Lab (5ml):
Crucible of Courage
Hymn to Pan

Villainess (5ml):
Birth Rite (x2)
Cobwebs 2ml (x3)
Torch Song (x2)

Violette Market (5ml):
Taffy Pull (x2)

Wiggle (5ml):
Anna May
Apricot Vanilla
Persinnamon Girl

Wylde Ivy (1/3 oz):
Lemon Cream Danish

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Back to School [05 Jun 2008|04:30pm]
Ah, to be a student again. And finally acting like an adult at the same time. Yes, I'm finally learning how to drive. I'm 25 and still scared of big trucks, but I had to learn sometime, right? And I really meant it when I told my sister in law (the younger one) that I was going to learn sooner than her earlier this year.

It's tough going. I'm terrified sometimes, and you don't really listen well at times when you're scared. Today was my second lesson though and I did so much better than my first. I wore a TAL (Bpal's ritual/aromatherapy sister company) blend called Crucible of Courage and it made me feel so strong and peaceful at the same time (or maybe the peaceful part was the Quietude I also dotted on). It definitely helped.

My next lesson is Monday. I hope I do even better then!
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It's been forever [22 May 2008|08:26pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

Wow, over a year since I posted a message. I'm surprised they don't delete these on you if you disappear, but I'm glad mine LJ is still here!

I haven't been updating Etsy nearly enough recently. It's not so much I don't enjoy it anymore, but I just haven't had the desire to make things lately or post anything. I have a mostly finished branch pendant on my desk, and a starflower pouch begging to be finished. Ah, I don't know what it is!

I'm learning how to drive though... finally! I've done some lessons with my (very patient) husband, but I just signed up for professional lessons today. They start in less than 2 weeks!

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Oh my goodness... Wickedly Chic! [12 May 2007|07:47pm]
[ mood | giddy ]

I got a message today from Liz of http://wickedlychic.com telling me that I'm featured on the "Daily Ditties" section of the site!  WOW!!!

I love these earrings so much in person, so I'm so happy that they got featured:) I'm a little giddy now... sorry!

Thank you wickedly chic!

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Tiny and Cute! [29 Apr 2007|06:47pm]
Yes, they're tiny and cute... that's why I love making my little starflower pouches. They're so much fun to pick out the fabric for and then sew up. Each one makes me smile! http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=3439§ion_id=5018112

I've been making as many as I can lately... it's so funny how when you finally get the hang of making something, it stops selling as well as it did in the beginning! It's all right though. They still add a punch of color and a little extra flava' to my shop. http://courtneyrs.etsy.com

I finally got some use out of the http://7indigo.com web address I bought in '05 as well! I have it forwarding to my Etsy site, so the next time I get some business cards, I can just put the 7indigo address on them! It's so much easier to remember than the longer Etsy address anyway.

I'm mourning the soon-to-be loss of my original purple grape pendants. I only have enough lilac pearls to make 3 more of them! The other purple pearls I have for after that are a gorgeous darker purple though... they're going to look great, I just know it!
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Wow [27 Nov 2006|12:55pm]
Wow, it's been a while since I updated! I'm so wierd when it comes to updating stuff like this... it's like I just forget or something!

Since the last time I've written, Etsy version 2 has launched! YAY! You can see my shop here:
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Wow, it's been a while since I updated! I'm so wierd when it comes to updating stuff like this... it's like I just forget or something!

Since the last time I've written, Etsy version 2 has launched! YAY! You can see my shop here: <a href="<a*href="link"><a*href="link">text</a></a>">text</a> I did all of the banner and stuff all by myself too! I guess college can get you somewhere lol!

Today is supposedly "cyber Monday," aka the busiest online shopping day of the year! I'm hoping that my shop is busy, but I won't expect too much.. I don't want to get disappointed.

If you see this and check out my shop and see something you HAVE to have, just mention "livejournal" in the note to seller box and I'll give you free shipping on your order:) Who knows, you might find that perfect gift!
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End of Summer Sale at 7 Indigo Designs [27 Aug 2006|04:57pm]

Looking for some great jewelry or accessories? Check out my Etsy shop for some awesome deals this week!

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New Supplies and almost 100 sales! [07 Aug 2006|10:59am]
I just purchased a bunch of AMAZING supplies last week, including my first ever hill tribe silver! I'm so excited to be working with it... I bought this adorable hill tribe silver strawberry charm and worked it into an adorable wood, mother of pearl, agate, and silver bracelet. I'll be posting it later today! Mention this livejournal post and get 10% off of it!

Oh, and I'll be offering FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING on all purchases until I hit 100 sales! Sale number 100 will get a VERY special surprise with their order, too!
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Sad:( [21 Jun 2006|10:19pm]
Tonight... is a sad night.

One of the first things I ever bought on Etsy was a custom koi print wallet and coinpurse from http://amigurumikawaii.etsy.com and I LOVE IT! I also got this adorable cell phone case from her:

Tonight I found out that she will no longer be on Etsy selling by the end of July. I'm so sad! So, I bought some ultra cute amigurumi (now that I am addicted) in mourning from her. (I just removed the pics 8/7 because I don't want to steal bandwidth from Etsy!)

Sigh... I think I'm a little happier now.

But anyway... go to her shop and buy! There's some amazing things and she's marking things down because she's closing!

I'm still sad though:(
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The cutest.... [21 Jun 2006|01:05pm]

This is Ichi... I adopted him from http://sereneonion.etsy.com. He sits on the shelf right above my computer and watches me while I work.

Very cute! I can't believe how fast I got him either... only 8 days from Singapore. The stamps were really cute too... Thanks Serene!
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Check out my Etsy shop! [15 Jun 2006|10:46am]

Check out my Etsy shop for affordable, sweet accessories! If you want to purchase something off of Etsy, contact me and can work something out through PayPal!

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SO EXCITED! [08 Jun 2006|04:07pm]
Wow, I can't believe I'm almost at 50 items sold in my etsy shop!

I'm currently at 46 and I can't wait to hit 50!!!

So I'm running a promotion with FREE STUFF! All orders will receive a free zipper pull until I hit 50 items sold. The person who buys item number 50 will get one of my darling grape pendants for free and also get free shipping if they're in the US!
Purple: http://www.etsy.com/view_item.php?listing_id=234818
Green: http://www.etsy.com/view_item.php?listing_id=225896

I'm so excited that I might hit 50 soon! YEAHHHHH!
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B2GO Sale! [26 May 2006|09:59am]

Hey everyone! I'm running a sale this weekend in my Etsy shop so please check it out!
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NEW SALE! [19 May 2006|02:36pm]
I have reached a full 2 pages in my Etsy store. EEP! So, I've decided to run a little sale!

All of the items in my site with under 75 views have been marked down 50%. The sale ends Sunday, or when the particular item hits 75 views. At that time, it'll be put back at regular price!

New kind of sale, and I'd like to thank beadoodles.etsy.com for the idea! She's running a 50% off to 100 views sale... and her stuff rocks!
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Cherry Blossom PINK Sale [28 Apr 2006|09:27am]

My shop can be found at http://courtneyrs.etsy.com

All PINK jewelry has been reduced in price 30% through this Sunday, April 30th. Check it out!
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It's already the end of April ?!? [27 Apr 2006|02:53pm]
[ mood | satisfied ]

So, who elese thinks that time moves way too fast lately? I guess it's because I'm out of school and all I really do is wait for things to happen... I'm always waiting, it seems!

Anyway, sales on Etsy seem to be going pretty well. I've sold 14 items... 1 as a trade, and 1 was a PIF (free item), so that means I sold 12 items of my own:) It's really awesome that people are out there, enjoying my jewelry!

I bought some beads off of Etsy the other day and so far I've used them in 3 pieces. They look really cute! My favorite is these Salmon Roe earrings: http://www.etsy.com/view_item.php?listing_id=180929 They remind me of sashimi and sushi.. yum!

I've been ordering too much off of there, too... I have 2 pendants, a wallet and changepurse, a business card case, a peapod pin, and a goldfish pin all on the way still. I got some earrings in the mail today that I ordered last week and they were all bent up because the seller didn't pack them in anything but a plain envelope. Hopefully I'll be able to get my money back. They were adorable beconing cat stud earrings! :(

Anyway.. off to work/watch my Etsy store like a hawk now. TTYL!

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Earrings Sale! [19 Apr 2006|10:39am]

My shop can be found at http://courtneyrs.etsy.com

All earrings posted before today are non-sterling silver and are on sale. Buy 2 pairs and only pay $15!! Buy more for an even bigger dicount!

If you're interested, please contact me through etsy (you will need an etsy account to buy) or email me: courtneyrgold at adelphia dot net
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